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Sweater with Nordic pattern
17 GBP
57 GBP

Christmas time

This special time of the year means that we want our children to feel special. Shimmering details, sequined stars and Christmas patterns add charm and blend in perfectly with the atmosphere. Delicate cashmere sweaters and woolen, woven sweaters are a great element of stylization, but also an ideal gift idea.

Sweater with Nordic pattern
17 GBP
57 GBP
Little explorer

We perfectly know how our kids love to explore the unknown and surprise with their ideas. How to give them comfort? How to choose comfortable stylizations and not to dress our kids? You do not need much. All you need is good quality and soft fabrics. Your children will appreciate that.

Little bandits & co

For mischievous princesses and prince-charmings.
Welcome to our gang!

Mustard-coloured Pola shorts with sash
12 GBP
40 GBP
Hector navy pullover
30 GBP
76 GBP

Let it snow!

We love winter for warm sweaters, soft cashmere and colorful socks. We choose delicate fabrics that wrap with warmth. Woven braids on sweaters that please the eye. Contrasting colors that make winter not boring. In such stylizations, no cold days are terrible.

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It’s your little and big bandits that, even when they’re making mischief, they can charm you and make you laugh. On their feet all day, constantly on the run. We are amazed by their boundless energy. For them nothing is beyond reach, no mission is impossible, no goal is unachievable.