Santa is coming to town

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Green tulle Solo skirt
56.00 GBP

Girly and delicate

Classic but definitely modern, chic but very comfortable green tulle skirt.

Navy blue woollen Mother Girl sweater
109.00 GBP
For special occasions

How to dress children comfortably and elegantly? How to dress to express the occasion and not overdress our toddlers? It doesn’t require much. Classic jeans, a comfortable shirt and favorite accessories are enough. Your children will appreciate it.

Little bandits & co

For mischievous princesses and prince-charmings.
Welcome to our story!

Golden tulle Solo skirt
56.00 GBP
Hector Navy pullover
76.00 GBP

The classic

The modern version of the classic. A blue long-sleeved shirt and a lovely collar in the form of frills plus bloomers is a proposition for those who treat style and comfort equally.

We recommend

It’s your little and big bandits that, even when they’re making mischief, they can charm you and make you laugh. On their feet all day, constantly on the run. We are amazed by their boundless energy. For them nothing is beyond reach, no mission is impossible, no goal is unachievable.