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Welcome to Little Bandits

Every moment is good for mischief
Shorts with ribbing in stripes
42.00 GBP

Holiday look

Spring and summer is the time when our kids are more active than always, which is why we focus on loose fashions, soft fabrics that give freedom to any play. Our absolute hit is gray shorts, which should be found in every boy’s wardrobe. They are a great base for holiday stylizations.

Sweater Tartan
46.00 GBP
Little traveler

How to compose a small traveler’s suitcase? How to choose holiday stylizations and not dress up our kids? You do not need much. All you need is good quality and soft fabrics. Your children will appreciate that.

Little bandits & co

For mischievous princesses and prince-charmings.
Welcome to our gang!

Striped top
32.00 GBP
Navy shorts
42.00 GBP

Sailor style

Having fun on the beach and bathing in the sea is always associated with the dream of being a captain, which is why our collection does not lack the nautical motifs. Top in stripes will be great for coastal excursions. In combination with navy shorts, it is a perfect set for crazy, summer adventures.

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It’s your little and big bandits that, even when they’re making mischief, they can charm you and make you laugh. On their feet all day, constantly on the run. We are amazed by their boundless energy. For them nothing is beyond reach, no mission is impossible, no goal is unachievable.