Order delivery

1. The Vendor delivers Orders by courier services provided by the Supplier. The Vendor reserves the right to deliver Orders by mail services of Poczta Polska (Polish Post). The Vendor shall inform of such a possibility on the Shop website.

2. Orders are dispatched using the Supplier within 5 business days:
a) Upon placing an Order by the Customer, should they choose to pay in cash and personally collect the Product(s);
b) Upon crediting payment to the Vendor account, should the Customer choose to pay using a different manner and personally collect the Product(s). Saturdays and bank holidays are not included in the Order lead time;
c) Should the Customer choose to pay by bank transfer or payment card, the Order lead time shall being upon crediting the payment to the Vendor bank or current account;
d) Upon receiving authorisation, should the Customer choose to pay by payment card.

3. The Vendor undertakes to deliver Products without any defects.

4. Product Delivery Costs – borne by the Customer in addition to Product Costs – are stated on the Shop website when placing an Order.