Payment Terms

1. Payments for Product(s) and Delivery Costs can only be made in the following manner:
a) In cash – in case of personal collection;
b) By bank transfer or payment to the Vendor bank account;
c) By PayPal – upon meeting the conditions of;
d) By Płatności24 – upon meeting the conditions of Płatnoś

2. In case of payments by bank transfer or to the Vendor bank account the following information shall be stated in the transfer name: – First and last name or a Customer’s company name; – Order number (provided in the information on registering the Order in the Shop). Payments shall be made to the following bank account: PKO Bank Polski SA 53 1020 2629 0000 9502 0352 8882

3. The Customer shall be bound by the obligations of the Product(s) sales contract until all the costs of Product(s) and Delivery Costs are paid in full.